Background Score

BGM for gripping content based on true crimes

Ground Up Music Festival 2024

Vari launchs her album 'VARI' in Miami at Groundup

2024 UK Tour

His biggest europe tour ..more dates coming soon


Are you ready or looking for professional management? Most creators, artists, athletes, performers, and technicians will frown on the possibility of being able to do more than they currently are. “What will a manager do for me that I cannot do for myself”? But if you want to spend more time on your craft and leave the issues of negotiations, agreements, logistics co-ordination, PR, marketing, pitching, accounting, endorsements, and creating opportunities, to someone whom you can trust and has been doing it for years, we hould be having a chat soon. We are ready to go to the next level with you, call us or just send us a message.


Maybe you are not looking for a full-time manager, or currently have one, but are keen to get industry experts to review and advise you on particular deals you are evaluating from time to time.

We advise and work with agencies and also directly with actors, directors, writers, producers, performers, script supervisors, musicians, art directors, production designers, BGM producers, editors, DOPs, technicians, …. well, you get the picture.

Business negotiations, contract evaluation, and negotiation, endorsements, sponsorships, branded opportunities, PR, marketing, accounting, legal. We will work with you to ensure you start every project knowing exactly what you are getting into and never again end up getting the short end of any deal.